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Apple Mac OSX Setup Guides
GSE Smart IPTV Pro

This tutorial will guide you through the of setup for Mac OS X computers. We recommend using an application called IPTV Smarters Pro. If you are unable to install the application you can use VLC Player. Both setup tutorials are listed on this page.

IPTV Smarters Pro application

  1. Direct Download or App Store

You can fetch the IPTV Smarters Pro app from our server here:
If you would prefer to install from the Apple servers, go to your ‘App Store’ and search for and install ‘IPTV Smarters PRO’. Once installed, open the app.

  1. API Settings

Enter a name into the ‘Playlist name’ field (Example: Live TV Store), enter the server URL and port, enter your Username, enter your Password, then click onto the ‘Add’ button.

  1. Save

Place a check into the ‘Save Credentials’ checkbox if you would like the app to save your details (Recommended), then click onto the ‘Save’ button.

Thats It!

Installation is now complete, you can start watching! Choose Live TV, Movies or Series.

Alternative Setup


Another method we highly recommend if you are unable to install GSE Smart IPTV Pro, is VLC Player here is  a full setup guide for that app 

 Easy to follow

Setup Guides
VLC Player

This very quick and easy to follow guide will show you how to access the Live TV Store service from VLC Player.

VLC Player Setup Instructions

  1. Download

Download and Install VLC Player from

  1. Run

Run VLC Player and click onto ‘File-> Open Network..’

  1. URL

Paste your unique ‘network URL’ into the address bar, then click onto ‘Play’

  1. Preferences

In order to view the full channel list click onto ‘Preferences’ then uncheck ‘Show video in main window’. This will display the playlist in the main window and the video in a new window.

  1. Save

In order to simplify future viewing, you should also save the playlist URL to a file. To do this, click onto ‘File -> Save Playlist’ and save your Live TV Store playlist to a safe location (such as documents) as an Extended M3U file format.